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Check out Crysis 3 Reveal Trailer

Well it’s that time over year again. Getting closer to E3 you can expect a lot more reveal trailers and other news about the hottest games of the year. This week’s biggest news, EA has released the Crysis 3 reveal trailer. Looks pretty exciting! Check it out and leave your comments below.


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Crysis 3 Leaked

Image courtesy of Gamerant

Today, Origin posted product pages for Crysis 3 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The product page shows the iconic Nano-suit soldier holding what appears to be an advanced bow and arrow. Whether this is the same “Prophet” that we played as in the second game is still unknown. The soldier is standing in front of a urban backdrop, hinting that the game will take place in a city and not the tropical setting of the first game.

EA announced that we should expect more details April 16th!

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