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Check out the new Black Ops 2 Zombies Trailer


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Call of Duty Black Ops II Official Trailer

The official trailer for the much anticipated release of the next Call of Duty game has hit the web and it’s… interesting. Instead of remaining in the Cold-War era, Treyarch decided to just start a new cold war. The trailer shows a ruined Los Angeles that has been invaded by what seems to be its own weaponry. The narrator of the trailer is an elderly Woods from the first game (who we thought was dead) who talks about how we create entire unmanned armies with technology and “what would happen if the enemy steals the keys.”

I used to love CoD. Call of Duty MW2 is probably one of my favorite games of all time but to me this is is just sad. Sure the game will probably have some cool new features but at the end of the day its just the same old cut and paste Call of Duty that we have come to know. The graphics are the same, the gameplay is the same. This shows me that Treyarch is just getting desperate. They have run out of ideas and have just decided to go with future warfare. Aside from firing a machine gun from horses….(honestly wtf), the trailer is cool but it does not spark my interest in the slightest. All the existing competitors of Call of Duty such as Battlefield and ┬áHalo are creating new engines for their games, allowing for better graphics and gameplay. Call of Duty has made no progress in this area and I believe that that will ultimately be its downfall. They must adapt or be overshadowed by their competitors. For now, I’ll just stick to Battlefield 3 and Halo 4. Thanks but no thanks.

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