Skyrim DLC “Dawnguard” to be released this summer

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Well I’m a big fan of Skyrim and have been playing it for some time now and I’m so excited about this upcoming DLC. Bethesda announced the add-on on their blog with this picture attached to it. Nothing is really known about the content of the DLC but we have been promised more to be revealed at E3 2012. What do you think about this new DLC? Post your comments below.


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Call of Duty Black Ops II Official Trailer

The official trailer for the much anticipated release of the next Call of Duty game has hit the web and it’s… interesting. Instead of remaining in the Cold-War era, Treyarch decided to just start a new cold war. The trailer shows a ruined Los Angeles that has been invaded by what seems to be its own weaponry. The narrator of the trailer is an elderly Woods from the first game (who we thought was dead) who talks about how we create entire unmanned armies with technology and “what would happen if the enemy steals the keys.”

I used to love CoD. Call of Duty MW2 is probably one of my favorite games of all time but to me this is is just sad. Sure the game will probably have some cool new features but at the end of the day its just the same old cut and paste Call of Duty that we have come to know. The graphics are the same, the gameplay is the same. This shows me that Treyarch is just getting desperate. They have run out of ideas and have just decided to go with future warfare. Aside from firing a machine gun from horses….(honestly wtf), the trailer is cool but it does not spark my interest in the slightest. All the existing competitors of Call of Duty such as Battlefield and  Halo are creating new engines for their games, allowing for better graphics and gameplay. Call of Duty has made no progress in this area and I believe that that will ultimately be its downfall. They must adapt or be overshadowed by their competitors. For now, I’ll just stick to Battlefield 3 and Halo 4. Thanks but no thanks.

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Top 10 Favorite PS2 Games

I actually have my PS2 and although it is pretty banged up, it still works. So I was feeling a bit nostalgic the past couples of days and I thought I would share my favorite PS2 games from my childhood. Enjoy!

10.  Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

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Now before I get into this Top 10 list keep in mind that I am a big fan of the superhero games. I think they are incredibly fun to play and I have a bunch of the on the list. Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was not the greatest game in the world, but the mindless hours of terrorizing the open city and tossing tanks around like they were ragdolls was definitely extremely fun. Not to mention unlocking the cheats where you can play as different characters such as Bruce Banner, a scrawny, shirtless, normal sized man that made all the sounds and did everything that hulk did or even the gigantic Abomination. This game will always be one of my favorites

9.  Driv3r

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Now I never was able to own any of the Grand Theft Auto games because my mom never let us get them, so when my brother asked to get Driv3r at blockbuster my mom said sure and unknowingly bought basically the same thing. Now aside from the corny name Driv3r was so much fun. For its time, the graphics were even better than GTA’s. The story I never paid much attention to because I would just roam around having endless amounts of fun evading police, killing my neighbor, destroying my house… etc. This was my Grand Theft Auto and I will never forget the amount of fun my brothers and I had while playing it.

8.  Guitar Hero II

Hands down, Guitar Hero II was one of the biggest games of its time. The game put Guitar Hero on the map and became a worldwide phenomenon with its release. How do you not include it? Whether going head to head with friends, making a name for yourself in the campaign, or just shredding it in free mode, Guitar Hero II brought great fun everywhere it went. In middle school on the last days of June, my teacher brought in his PlayStation 2 and hooked it up to the projector and we jammed out the whole class with a GH tournament (My teacher won). It became a status symbol for some time. You would hear around school: “Hey, that kid beat free bird on expert” and the reply would be something like “WHAT.” Guitar Hero II is unforgettable.

7.  Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Like I said before, my mom never bought any GTA games for me when I was younger, but this was one of those games that your friends had and that you would just sit and play for hours on end. Had I owned this game it would probably be much higher on my list. I know this is a lot of people’s favorites and I think it is the most fun GTA out there. You could literally do ANYTHING you wanted in the game. Not to mention the array of cheats that make the game even more fun and entertaining. Cheats like flying cars or jet-pack spawning just made the game so much more enjoyable. I wish GTA IV (as much as I love that game) didn’t try and take it as seriously and added in some of the features we all loved in San Andreas

6.  Star Wars Battlefront

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A classic. Thats the one word I would use to describe the original Star Wars Battlefront. Now, I don’t consider myself a Star Wars fanboy but I do like the series. This game probably was the first to introduce the game mode that we consider as ‘Domination’. Players must hold and capture command posts throughout the map until the other teams reinforcements were depleted. The cool thing about the game was that you could choose between both old and new star wars eras, packed with maps, units and vehicles from each respectable era. For the campaign, the player could choose to crush the rebellion as the Empire or beat back the Sith with the Republic. However you wanted to play it, Battlefront was there to help.

5.  Spiderman 2

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Well I know some of you who may not have played this game are thinking why would this be in the top 5 but honestly this was one of my most favorite games when I was younger. Spiderman 2 was the first open world sandbox superhero game I think that was ever made. It featured a full Manhattan to swing around which at the time I thought was the coolest thing in the world. Sure today we have that all the time but when this first came out I couldn’t believe that I could go anywhere I wanted to. Not to mention the additional characters to face such as Shocker, Rhino, Mysterio (which is the funniest boss fight ever), and of course Doctor Octopus. The game also featured this new thing that I had never seen before where citizens would call out to you and if you approach them they tell you about a crime going on and the player had to swing away and stop it. This game mechanic really helped me feel like I was actually Spiderman, just helping everyday citizens.

Here’s a video of some of the gameplay of Spiderman 2. Mysterio boss fight is at 2:55 (I remember thinking oh my god I’m never going to beat this) 😀

4.  NBA Street Volume 2

MICHAEL JORDAN, STRETCH, and.... ugh that guy
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NBA STREET VOL 2 is one of the basketball games thats a break from basketball games. What I mean by that is this game isn’t realistic NBA basketball. Let me put it this way , if you took the Globetrotters, mixed them with the Globetrotters from a Scooby Doo Cartoon, and mixed that with the NBA you get this game , need I say more? Its non stop tricks , shots , and funny commentary. You can jump 20 feet in the air do a spin and slam that ball right in the hoop and break the thing. Thats what this game is all about.Doing crazy trick moves and dunks was oh so satisfying. This game was definitely the most fun to play with a group of friends around.

3.  Midnight Club DUB Edition

Midnight club 3 not only got me into the series but into racing games in general. The object of the game, like most racing games, is the player starts off the game with a crappy car and must obtain money and respect by winning races around the cities. The game takes place in multiple settings. Throughout the story, players can travel between San Diego, Detroit and Atlanta as they please. Players can use the money to purchase new cars or upgrades or even just participate in the true fun of the game: the unrivaled customization process. Customizing took up about a quarter of the actual playing time in the game for me simply because I loved it so much. The customization options were so numerous that no single game could be played the same. Tapping into my creative side and creating sick cars and motorcycles to race was definitely one of the coolest gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

 2.  Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal

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Ratchet and Clank is one of the greatest PS2 games ever made. Of all the games in the series that came before, this is definitely my favorite. The freedom to zoom through the galaxy, purchase upgrades for weapons and armor at the mother ship and actually feeling like you are in command are only some of the many reasons why this game was so amazing to me. The story was to compelling and left me wanting more by the end of it. This was one of those games that you play through more than once. To make Ratchet feel even more like a boss, on my second playthrough I remember entering a cheat to replace his wrench with a laser sword. The switch didn’f affect damage or anything it was just so cool to have that as a melee weapon throughout the game. I wish I had a PS3 so that I could play the newer games of the series I loved it so much :/

1.  Jak and Daxter (series)

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Finally, number one on the list. I can’t say enough about this game series other than I think it is one of the greatest franchises in video game history. I kept the series together on my list rather than individual games because they would easily be 1, 2 and 3. Jak and Daxter, Jak 2, and Jak 3 are all amazing games each drastically different from the other but still connect with the same intricate story. I found myself really caring for the characters and when I finally finished Jak 3 I remember feeling the same accomplishment when lets say you see the series finale of a show you love on television. Everything about the series I love and I wish I still had Jak 2 (Fun Fact: I left my Jak 2 at a friends house and he sold it the next week at a garage sale) and my Jak 3 is unplayable after a certain point. Hope you can all agree that they were great games.

Post comments on what you think 🙂

What is your top 10?

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Halo 4 article in Gameinformer is pretty freaking awesome

When we last saw the iconic Master Chief he was placed into cybersleep inside the ruins of the Forward Unto Dawn as he announced what we thought would be his final words:

“Wake me… when you need me.”

Well it looks like we are gonna see a lot more of the chief this holiday season with the upcoming Halo 4. The planet that the Chief was drifting to in the legendary ending of Halo 3 is in fact the setting for this game. 343 Industries has been hard at work with its newest installment of the franchise. Both the campaign and multiplayer have had some serious (seriously awesome) changes to them that has me wishing I could cybersleep until the release date so I wouldn’t have to wait so long. Those lucky one’s at Gameinformer got to witness the beginning of the first level and the article I read just blew me… away.

Image courtesy of Gameinformer

Image courtesy of Gameinformer


The Chief and Cortana are back and ready for action. Master Chief’s armor has undergone a  major makeover, remodeled to look more sleek, powerful, and deadly. The helmet HUD system has also undergone some changes as well. According to Gameinformer:

“The new helmet HUD speaks to the fruit’s of [Cortana’s] labor, exhibiting subtle parallax movement during athletic actions, and more visual cues that indicate the presence of the helmet.”

The graphics have been vamped up as well. Apparently they are a huge step from Halo Reach which I am extremely excited about.

The covenant are back and probably MAD. Players will face familiar enemies such as Grunts, Brutes, and yes… Elites. What caused the elites to join back with the Covenant only time will tell. In addition to the Covenant, new enemy species will be added into the game as well along with their new weapons and equipment, adding a third possibly lethal player into the mix. Those developers cared not to share that information with Gameinformer but I like surprises.

This guy looks pissed off...
Image courtesy of Gameinformer


When players turn on Halo 4, they will be greeted with a new option called “Infinity” which is the new Halo matchmaking. Recently some games, like Assassin’s Creed Revelations, have tried integrating the multiplayer world with the world of the campaign. 343 Industries has taken this concept and brought it to an entirely new level, one that may change the way multiplayer games function entirely.

The player steps into the shoes of the Spartan IV that are deployed on the UNSC Infinity, the largest spacecraft in the entire fleet. The ship serves as the training ground for all Spartan IV soldiers and the setting for all multiplayer matches. The “Combat Deck” can replicate any environment possible for Spartan IV’s to train and level up. You start out as a recruit and must work your way to the top. As you rank, new abilities and weapons become available to your personalized Spartan, which in turn can be used to create your personal loadouts.

The newest addition to multiplayer (and thing that I’m looking forward to most) is this new game mode named “Spartan Ops”. These missions serve as your personal Spartan’s field missions away from Infinity. The game mode handles up to 4 players that play through an episodic campaign. Each week, free DLC is automatically uploaded to Spartan Ops and players gain new access to more missions and more unseen content. Each week includes cinematic cutscenes and 5 missions to play through.  Playing these “episodes” allows players to level up and gain Spartan points which can be used in the main matchmaking. This game mode allows players to actually connect with their very own spartan and have a customized gaming experience.

Image courtesy of Gameinformer

I honestly can’t wait for this game. I played Halo Reach but like all games it just got old after a while and was overshadowed by new content. Halo 4 is packed with an entirely new campaign and an explosive and innovative multiplayer. Except this one to be on my shelf this holiday season.

All information and images courtesy of Gameinformer

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