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Ubisoft Talks Upcoming “Splinter Cell” Game

Trifocal Goggle is symbol of Splinter Cell Ser...

Jade Raymond, the CVG of Ubisoft Toronto studio confirmed that a new “Splinter Cell” is currently in production. The new title, rumored to be called Splinter Cell: Retribution, will focus on the overall theme of the series while still keeping the elements of action and danger that SC fans still love. Last month, a Ubisoft release calendar was leaked and on it was the new “Splinter Cell” which was said to be released in 2012 however, Ubisoft immediately dismissed these rumors. ┬áIf that is at all true, then expect to see some exciting content at E3 2012. Following the mixed reviews of Conviction, the last game of the franchise, I wouldn’t be surprised if they returned to the style of gameplay we saw from SC: Double Agent. One thing is for sure, whether it be this year or next, expect to see a new “Splinter Cell” title sometime in the near future.


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Assassins Creed III

Looking forward to Assassins Creed III this Fall. Check out the new trailer now!

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